Sunday, July 6, 2008

I hate Vacations!

Seriously, I don't know who thought these things were a good idea, but when children are involved, I think it falls under the category of cruel and unusual punishment!

We went to a family reunion this weekend. Sadly, my family's idea of a gathering involves camping. Ugh. I can handle camping alone, but it is impossible with children. I have 3 kids. Bryon is 5 and has been diagnosed as severely autistic. Timmy is 3 and hates shoes. Alyson is 1 and apparently loves the dirt. I am not sure how it is that I have 2 boys and my daughter was dirtier than the two of them combined. Fortunately, my sister had the good insight to rent a cabin up there. At least that gave us a place to come home to when the camping became unbearable. When there are 3 children and only 2 adults, you need a zone defense. Unfortunately, Bryon is a full time job so it really becomes 2 on 1 and 1 on 1. The odds were never really in my favor. As nice as the cabin was, my children are not used to sleeping on the floor or in the same rooms. (My boys share, but Aly is all alone.) So, there were 0 restful nights of sleep. At one point I was ready to bury my kids in the woods for an hour of sleep.

We came home early, hallelujah! My daughter could not leap into bed fast enough! Thank heaven for coming home!


the MomBabe said...

and this is why I don't do camping.

savery711 said...

why would I leave my perfectly good house, that I pay good money for, so I can go out and be homeless in the middle of nowhere? w/ no showers or indoor plumbing of any kind? having dirt floors and constantly sharing my bed w/ uncounted bugs and other surprise guests?

Jessica Yates said...

We took a major camping vacation this summer and spent 10 straight days camping. However, I refuse to camp in a tent (we have a pop-up trailor) and my kids are all older than yours. We also camped in several campsites with showers so we could get clean almost every day. It makes a big difference!