Sunday, October 5, 2008


Many of you know that my best friend recently moved to Virginia and I miss her terribly. I guess I never thought about how my kids felt about the absence of her and her family.

I cooked bacon this morning and had to leave the kitchen door open (with the gate closed)to air out the bacon smoke. (I always forget about this when I think it is a good idea to buy bacon.) I went to take a shower thinking that Scott would hear something if the kids tried to get out of the house. Apparently Timmy took off in the short time frame it took for Scott to come back to our room and put a shirt on.

We looked all over the house, the backyard and the cul-de-sac before Scott took off in the car in search of my little dude.

Needless to say we found him on the corner with a very nice police officer. He had walked over to Caroline's house (which is just around the corner) and was banging on the door looking for his friends.

He misses you too.


the MomBabe said...

Oh! sniff. sniff. They do love us.