Monday, February 2, 2009

Why do I even bother??

85% of my 1600 square foot house is tile. I tend to sweep and mop in "zones." Today I decided to do the 2 largest "zones" because my floor was filthy. Kudos to me!

One hour after I finished, Aly dropped her Cap'n Crunch with Crucnhberries on the floor. In case you are not aware, wet cereal is nature's cement. I'm just saying. I cleaned it up, no biggie.

Two hours later, I was bleeding all over said clean floor. Why was I bleeding? you may ask...Because Aly smashed a glass over my foot and punctured a good sized hole in the top. Good Times! Finally got the bleeding to stop, I'll live with no stitches...maybe. I could probably use one or two but hey, who has time??

Just now, Aly was looking fo something inwhich to hold her crayons. She found a chocolate milk jug. A FULL 1/2 gallon chocolate milk jug. Perfect container if not for that pesky chocolate milk. Solution??? Dump chocolate milk all over "zone 1" of the house. All. Over. She then proceeded to spread the milk as far and as fast as she could before running in fear of her life. Rightfully so.

So, I have decided that I am done cleaning my floor. Apparently, a vote was taken and the childrens do not like a clean floor. They have made an inpressive presentation, and I am caving.


the MomBabe said...

Next time, make her lick up all the milk. Just to show her who's boss.

savery711 said...

You could have just brought the dog in. I'm sure Kai would've been glad to clean up the chocolate milk for you.

Bloggin It said...

NAUGHTY BABY!!!! So cute though! :)

Dawna Greer said...

All good comments! Really though, aren't you glad you're a SAHM? Wouldn't have such colorful adventures any other way...certainly not in an office! Love you all