Friday, August 14, 2009

Timmy's First Day

Yesterday was Timmy's first day at school.

It did not go as smoothly as Bryon's.

Timmy attends the EEC(early education center). This is his 3rd year there. Because hs is almost 5, he was bumped to the afternoon class this year.

He was not impressed. I told him he would go to school and he was elated. Bryon got on his bus and Timmy put his shoes on knowing that he would get on a bus very soon after. Except he didn't. He got in the car to go to the gym. Then we went to Walmart. Then we went home and waited a few more hours.

He was starting to think I was lying to him. I could see it on his face.

When it was time for the bus, I told him to get his shoes and his backpack because the bus was coming. He did as asked and we waited. And waited. And waited some more. The time the bus was supposed to arrive came and went. I called the bus depot 5 minutes AFTER school had started and they said he was 5 minutes away. I tried to reassure Timmy that a bus was coming, but I don't think he believed me. 15 minutes later, he showed up. He stayed parked outside my house for a good 5 minutes for whatever reason with the bus turned OFF!!! Hey buddy, did you know that the A/C doesn't run if the bus is turned off?? Did you know it's August??

I finally got a text from Alison at 1:30 telling me Timmy's bus had just arrived.

He missed 45 minutes of a 2 1/2 hour day. OY!!

Here's hoping today is a little better.


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Terresa said...

Are your boys twins?

Also, I love your hair. Also, I like your "Comment or die" comment header.
One more thing: I think we have desert living in common (I'm a Vegas girl).

Mark and Jessica said...

Yikes! Do they not understand what autistic children need?!?!? Aren't they special ed? I hope his days are going better.