Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halloween, Birthday Fiasco, and Whatever Else I Decide To Toss In

Did I show you any Halloween pictures? NO? Bad Tenille.

He wore this monkey costume that so did not fit for DAYS!
I guess lunch is more exciting in a monkey costume.

Trunk or treating with Miss Alison. (No, the baby is not mine or Alison's)

And the monkey has better places to be. :) Story of my life.

I picked up a giant cupcake for Timmy's actual birthday. He was unhappy and so it ended up on the floor...

He was unhappy the day we celebrated as well and we had to sing happy birthday to about 6 people before he was willing to let us have cake.

Drama queen.

I'm tossing in this photo because I need to remind myself that she has some sweet moments. I try to block out the 15 minutes of screaming and crying that led up to actually being put in the swing.

This, well, Bryon looks really cute here and we had a fun day at the zoo. :)