Friday, April 8, 2011

So Many Complaints/Why Don't I Drink?

Oh where to begin??

On Wednesday, my respite worker and her friend (another respite worker) took their kids (my Bryon included) to the McDonald's play place.

The other respite worker explained to a woman that the kids had autism, so they don't play like typical children. (I think she was staring. I hate people who stare.)

This woman proceeds to go off about how the parents must be lazy and selfish if they need help with their kids. She also claimed that autism wasn't real and that it was just an excuse, her tax dollars are paying them, etc.

This woman was lucky I wasn't there. I would have bitch slapped her into next year.

I hate ignorance. I hate it even more when ignorant people try to shove all their "knowledge" down your throat.

This woman should spend 10 minutes dealing with my kids. Maybe she would like to pick up the $80 cost to feed 1 of my kids for 10 days because he has a special diet because of his "fake" disorder.

Item #2: dude, it costs about $80 to feed 1 of my children for about 10 days. That is kind of insane. He is eating a ton right now because he's growing, and I have to buy individually packaged things to send to school. It adds up and my husband is unemployed. Again.

Yes, that's right. He's unemployed again. I thought the economy was getting better. Not in this house.

And, oh, our government. You are going to shut down because you can't agree on how much to spend on women's health? Look, I am not interested in an abortion debate, but let's just say that the government didn't cover the cost for me to give birth to 3 babies. Or for my 2 D&Cs. Or my hysterectomy. I got to pay those bills all by myself. I just think that any politician looking to keep their job should be a little more open to negotiations because we are the ones who get screwed.

PS: if you are thinking about posting some BS about abortions like I asked you not to, please be aware that my comments are moderated by a 3rd party that loves me and doesn't want me to be upset. :)


Maxine Conrad said...

Oh girlfriend - I just love you!! I would have bitch slapped her too, if she ever got off the ground from your bitch slap! x

Motherboard said...

That lady is just lucky *I* wasn't there, cause I would have bitch slapped her for you.

Our government sort of blows right now.

Elizabeth said...

That woman wouldn't have stood a chance with all the people lined up to beat her up for you.