Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Over It

I am so, so over all these "studies" showing what "causes" autism.

Here's a link to the newest one.

Here's the problem. I took prenatals and folic acid within the first 2 weeks of becoming pregnant. In the case of Bryon, I was already taking prenatals and folic acid before I was pregnant, because I was trying to become pregnant.

I am just so sick of people wasting their time and money on stupid studies that are completely useless.

Maybe we are just the family that breaks the mold on all autism research. Everything they come out with does not apply to us and we have 2 boys with autism. We also have a girl without it and I did all the same things with all 3 of my kids.

Find something that applies to ALL children with autism, and we'll talk.

**Before you post something mean or stupid, just remember that a 3rd party that loves me moderates all my comments.** ha ha.