Thursday, July 17, 2008

Holy Crap he's gonna be 5.

Tomorrow marks what I feel is an important day in parenthood. My little boy is turning 5. I am scared to death. To me, 5 marks that whole they are no longer a toddler phase and you have to accept the fact that said child is no longer a baby. I am not sure I can cope with the idea that my baby is no longer a baby. To add to my issues, I have the only child in my circle of friends whose child will be enrolled in all day kindergarten as opposed to half day kindergarten. Apparently it is better for Autistic children to be in a structured environment for 8 hours instead of 4. All I know is that my baby is going to be gone all day everyday, supporting my opinion that at age 5, they are no longer babies, but independent little people who don't need you as much any more.


Stuart and Jacqui Avery said...

You are going to be just fine mama! Call me anytime you need to freak out though, I'll be here for ya!

Jessica Yates said...

Full day kindergarten is standard here in Surprise, so every child is there all day. If you think it's weird when your oldest goes off to all day school, just imagine when your youngest goes. I'm a little lost without anymore kids around during the day - definitely something to get used to.

Scone said...

I'm with you, Jess. My baby's going to kindergarten this week, and, can I tell you, I am psyched! Granted, it will be something to get used to, but I am really looking forward to getting used to it.