Friday, July 11, 2008

I hate old houses.

So, I live in an older home. Great if you have kids because of the larger back yards. I love my home for that factor alone. Unfortunately, if your house was built in 1980 like mine, you probably have a crappy wooden fence too. Not so much an issue if you don't have a 5 year old that thinks he is a monkey whose only goal in life is to escape the backyard. He is always testing for weakness and is usually successful right after a storm like the one we had last night. My husband let the kids out alone this morning (something he will pay for later, trust me) and when I got out of the shower I peeked out the window to check on the kids. 3 year old was happily mud messes, but 5 year old was no where to be found. I called for him and just about had a heart attack when he came THROUGH the fence. The wind and rain practically disintegrated a portion of my fence so that an entire panel is now barely hanging on. Needless to say I will live a very unhappy life until said fence can be repaired. Here is how that conversation will probably play out.
"mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa OUTSIDE."

insert tears (his and mine) here. maybe even some kicking and hitting. (if we're lucky.)



the MomBabe said...

sheesh. Just let him go outside. I'll bring him back in. If I see him and all.