Friday, January 2, 2009

Wow, I am such a slug. Sorry about no posts, lots going on.

First, did you know an eardrum can burst? I sure didn't. Boy is it gross. Poor Bryon's right side was so congested that his eardrum burst and his sinus basically exploded causing lots of leaking from his ear and blood from his nose. No fun when you're 5. Actually, no fun ever. He's feeling a lot better though.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that. This year I resolve to drink more water than I do Diet Coke. Yes, I drink a lot of Diet Coke. Fingers crossed because, let's be honest, there are few things I like more than Diet Coke!

I will be a guest blogger on my best friends blog this month because she is FINALLY having a hysterectomy. Yay Caroline! So, check me out!

I am so glad school starts soon. I realize I need a schedule as much as my kids do. Yay School!

Sunday marks my 8 year anniversary with that really great guy I married. I love you. I like you, too. ;)


savery711 said...

Yeah, 8 year anniversary! It's crazy how much our lives have changed in the last decade. I still like you too, dear.

the MomBabe said...

How did you not know an eardrum can burst? Have you learned NOTHING from us? (Tad in particular?) Jerk.

Oh, and happy anniversary.

Mark and Jessica said...

Yeah, Christina has gotten so many ear infections she doesn't seem to feel until they are at the point of bursting. We've had a few burst before and it's not pretty, especially with a girl because she has long hair for it to get all over. YUCK!

Happy anniversary, BTW.