Monday, April 27, 2009


I know all about the usual milestones.

First word.
First smile.
First tooth.

I prefer other milestones that are just as realistic.


Baby's first shiner.

Sadly, this might not actually be her first, but it is the first documented one.
Don't know what happened. She was playing with Bryon in his room and we heard the *SMACK* scream..... cry.
She bounced back pretty quickly. Ironically, she seemed to hate the ice pack more than the bump itself.
I guess the cure was worse than the ailment.


Stuart and Jacqui Avery said...

I just love how she poses for the camera! I mean the girl has had a lot of practice but it just kills me! She's so cute!

Mama Cat said...

Wow--she is growing up so fast. What a beautiful little girl! I don't think the "shiner" detracts from that at all, amazingly enough, and she doesn't seem to mind it too much!
~Amy M.

Mark and Jessica said...

NICE!! Got to love big brothers

Kristal and Jason said...

She is so cute! Reminds me alot of you when we were little. What a little ham!