Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I know he is sick and all, but he has a bed and 3 very large couches that he could be laying on.

Not to mention several carpeted areas in our home.

So why, oh why, does he have to lay in the middle of the tile when I need to sweep and mop it?

Poor little guy.


Marni said...

So cute! :) Tenille, I just home and got your message that you wanted me to babysit today. We were at my mom's all day! Sorry! I totally would have been happy to watch your kiddos though... anytime! Your kids are adorable!

the MomBabe said...

It's because tile is so nice and cool.

Brandi said...

MomBabe said it. When you're sick, especially if you've got a fever, the cool of the tile helps. I do that when I get too drunk :)

Bloggin It said...

He just wants the tile cuz it's nice and cool!