Monday, July 6, 2009

Timmy Update

I am well aware that my child's appointment was on 7/1, but in fairness, I have had an upper respiratory infection, I now have strep throat, and today I found out that while my foot/ankle/shin shows no sign of fracture, I have pretty bad nerve damage in my left foot. Bummer. Anyhoo...

Timmy has officially been diagnosed as having "moderately severe autism."

What?? Seriously? Now we all know they like to be vague so that I can't come back and be like, "dude, you diagnosed my kid wrong." But come on. Who has heard of this? And, it's kind of awkward to say.

Whatever. I now get to start the long, tedious process of getting Timmy signed up with DDD, DES, and ALTCS so the therapies can begin.

Here we go...


Bloggin It said...

At least now you are a pro and know exactly what to do! Gotta find the positive in it all! :) He's a good little dude too. Was coloring quietly last night while we were watching Bry Bry try to sneak into the garage to play in my car. He managed to get on TOP of the car... not in though. hee hee