Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I Don't Have Crayons

I seldom have crayons in my home. Then I need some and I am like "why don't I have any crayons? That's nuts." and we go buy crayons.

Once the crayons are in my home I remember why I don't have crayons.

I recently painted this room with semi gloss paint because EVERYBODY said that crayon washes right off with a magic eraser. EVERYBODY is wrong.
Hey, look at me, I'm psychic. I forsee me painting my playroom very, very soon.


Stuart and Jacqui Avery said...

sorry about the mess but those are really good drawings! I'm impressed! I vote you paint a wall in the playroom with chalk board paint and then let them go crazy with chalk!

greta said...

i totally agree with jacqui. the chalk board wall is an awesome idea. i've been wanting one of those for my kids for ages now. by the way, sorry about those walls. if it were me, i wouldn't be handling it so well right about now. as in "my kids would not have any eye lashes anymore" not well. good luck painting.

Becky and the Boys said...

Why bother painting again? Call it "modern art".