Friday, September 18, 2009


Here's the thing.... my grandma had a stroke back in June. Last night she had to go back to the hospital because she fell, fractured her hip and had some other issues. I have 5 kids on Fridays and am not able to do much of anything because of school schedules.

So.... my totally awesome friend popped up at my house this morning to help keep my mind off of things. So, she helped me clean and purge all the crap I keep meaning to get rid of.

And believe you me, I have a lot of crap.

3 1/2 hours, here's what we have...

Some of the crap from my house.

Some of the trash we removed from my house.

The rest of the crap we removed from my house.
My dining room. Do not look at the pile on the table, I'll clean that up tonight. :)
People, I can see my hutch! This is a freaking miracle.
The woman mopped my floor. I don't even like to mop my floor.
Today's lesson is, real friends show up and don't take no for an answer!
Thanks so much Randi! You are the freaking best! (and a thanks to Celeste for watching Randi's daughter so she could come over!)


MomBabe said...

Wow. Good job girls.

Dawna Greer said...

I'm envious that I don't have the courage to purge my 'treasures'! I'm sure Kristal would be happy to do it for me if I'd let her. Way to go--I just hope tomorrow or next week you're not wishing you hadn't gotten rid of _________ or ________ because you suddenly find a need for it and so you go out and buy another. That's what always happens to me.

Stuart and Jacqui Avery said...

Looks great!

Kristal and Jason said...

I just LOVE the feeling of getting rid of a bunch of crap that was taking up way to much space. Way to go. I wish my mom would let me near her stuff. She is overdue for some purging.

Bloggin It said...

Holy cow! I've NEVER seen that room look so stunning! Way to go! Now, hopefully you donated the crap for a tax write off???

savery711 said...

I'm with Tiff on this one...where are the receipts? We need all the help we can get.