Sunday, January 3, 2010

Like Utah, Lizards Are Nice To Visit.

I like to visit Utah. It's a nice place. I so do not want to live there. :)

I feel the same way about lizards. Kind of.

I don't actually think that lizards are all theat great. Apparently, Bryon does not feel the same way. He really, really likes his cousin Kameron's lizard Splish.

Everytime we go to the cousin's house, Bry Bry takes a peek at Splish and taps on her cage. I have had to stop him from opening the lid a few times.

Thankfully, Kameron is about the best 14 year old boy I know and was nice enough to allow Bryon some face time with Splish.


MomBabe said...

I had to lizard sit once. It was not fun. Also? Mealworms are gross.

greta said...

are you sure he likes it? that look on his face is hilarious! i agree with you on the whole lizard thing. they are nice to look at... in the desert.

savery711 said...

Actually he was very excited to play with Splish. He's just saying "cheese" for the camera, which always results in a pouty lipped EEEeeeeee, as shown.