Monday, June 14, 2010

Miss Alyson

That's her. Miss AlyBear. AlyLally. Little Miss. Princess. Diva. Brat. :)

She's as sweet as she looks and twice as evil.

At the ripe old age of 3 she already understands the importance and the joy of being a girl.

Granted, she won't let ME do her hair, but she'll let anyone else.

She loves to cover herself in my makeup and lets me paint her toes.

She has lots of pretty dresses that she mentions in her prayers each night.

She is the joy of her teachers at preschool and everyone at church loves her.

But I know the truth. ;) I know the naughtiness that is underneath. I know what those little tiny lungs are capable of.

I don't care about all that because she climbs into be with me each morning. And when she doesn't want me to move her, she closes her eyes and pretends to snore. It's very cute.

If she's sleepy, she still prefers to lay on my shoulder and she will snuggle to her hearts content. As long as it was her idea.

She broke her femur. Seriously. I have 2 boys, and my daughter broke her femur.

Alyson is "typical" except for a speech delay that is fairly natural when your 2 older brothers don't speak. 1 semester of school, however, and she is talking up a storm. That girl has A LOT to say. We have very high hopes that she will enter into a typical kindergarten class in a few years.

And, in case you were wondering, I already have the shotgun that will be more than necessary when she begins to date. She is too pretty for my own good.


KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I loved hearing everything about your kids! They really are such cuties. For real. You will love to go back and read these posts a few years from now and see how much they have changed.

Monica said...

Hey, we have something else in common. I have a daughter with a broken femur too - happened last night! Okay, so it's really not something to get excited about ...

Tenille said...

This is Scott.

Our baby girl is too cute for our own good. She has a few other nicknames too, like Miss Chievious and Miss Demeanor.

Maxine Conrad said...

This one made me smile -
She has lots of pretty dresses that she mentions in her prayers each night.

Loved reading about your cute kids Tenille.....:)

Judi said...

She has SPUNK, jsut like her Mama!!