Sunday, June 13, 2010


Timothy, Tim, Timmy, TT, TBone, or even TimmyTims. He goes by many names and responds to them all.

Timmy does nothing half way. He doesn't do things for long, but he goes all out. He will put every ounce of love he has into one giant squeeze and then walk away.

1, 2, 3, SQUEEZE! He will come running!

The only time I get to snuggle him now is when he is sleeping.

As a baby, it was impossible to hold him and not all asleep, and it's still pretty much the same now. He just seems to lull you to sleep.

He is my little genius. Seriously. The kid is wicked smart.

He loves puzzles. And sadly, "Caillou". (I hate that show.)

He can memorize anything and will then proceed to say it repeatedly. When he began to talk, I had to watch my mouth. :)

He isn't the biggest fan of his little sister, but it's getting better. He was unimpressed the moment we walked in the door with her.

He loves books. As long as anybody but me tries to read to him.

He ADORES the Wii. Especially Wii play. Ever play the shooting game? The last level with the aliens? He will patiently squat and bide his time until I get to that level. Then, when the aliens come, he runs around waving his arms and screaming like a little girl. I always lose when he does that, but it is oh so worth it.

After 3 long and glorious years of preschool, he is finally headed to kindergarten. I just know he is going to love all day everyday school. He has been feeling deprived since Bryon went off to real school.

He is so cute and sweet, that I almost forgive him for trying to break my nose. Every. Single. Day. Maybe I'm a sucker because he looks just like me.

Timothy was diagnosed and having "moderately-severe" autism. I don't understand why it isn't moderate. Or just severe. Doctors are weird like that.

People ask if he is autistic like Bryon.

"Nope. He's just Timmy."


Monica said...

Hello Timmy. I'm glad to make your acquaintance.

Keri and Derrick said...


Man do I miss him. He always brightens my day.