Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Laundry

I sort my laundry. Like, really, really sort my laundry.

Whites. Colors. Sheets. Towels. The Boy's clothes. Aly's clothes. (yes, I even used baby soap.)

Some have called me a "gucci mom". You know who you are.

See, it's not because I am anal. I'm not.

What I am, is lazy.

Allow me to explain.

If I pre-sort my laundry, then I know for a fact that all the laundry in that load is going to the same place. I need less space to do my folding, and fewer piles to put away in the end.

In my head, this makes sense. I do the same thing with my silverware in the dishwasher, but that's probably a whole other post.

I will, on occasion, do a load we refer to as "random laundry."

This is an emergency clean up/someone needs something situation. It is the only time that my washer will hold any assortment of towels, t-shirts, jeans, and the occasional pillowcase.

Folding this laundry drives me crazy. There's just a little of this and one of that. Makes me crazy. As previously established, I am already crazy.

Am I alone? I sure hope not, but I think that possibly, I am. And that's probably okay.

PS: Aly's clothes go on pink or white hangers while the boys go on various shades of blue. Please don't put a pink dress on a blue hanger. It's wrong.


Melissa Bastow said...

Instead of sorting, we just have different hampers for all our different loads. 'Cause then I won't have to sort, and it solves the folding and going to one place thing. Except that I put clothes on whatever hanger is available. My mother has complained about this numerous times - but it was something about pink hangers in the boys' closet.

Jesika said...

This post cracks me up! We are the same!! Scary, I know! lol All the different loads and colored hangers for my little ones clothes! Mylie has pink and white, while Stocktin has shades of blue! Thanks for the laugh!