Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sesame Street is the Ruler I Use to Judge People. Seriously.

I have recently realized that I like people more when they appear on Sesame Street.

I am not even kidding.

Because, here's the thing:

A: they asked you to be on an incredibly popular kids show

B: you accepted

I am sure that there are many people that have been asked that have declined. Well, all the more reason to not like you.

I especially enjoy people that really get into it.

One of my favorite bits is the Tina Fey pirate sketch. Hilarious.

I find that I will listen to the music of/watch the TV shows of people that have appeared on SS because in my mind, thay are good people.

Yep. I'm weird.

Watch Tina Fey and the booketeers here.


Jenny said...

You and I think alike. I love Sesame Street. I think I may watch it even after I'm past the preschool stage.

Dollygrandma said...

Thanks for the Tina Fey clip, Tenille - it is terrific! I don't watch Sesame Street much any more, but I am sure I loved it at least as much as my kids did.