Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wendy's Pick 2 Take 2

Okay, let's try this one again. :)

On Thursday, after sending my peeps to school, I hit up Wendys who has joined up with The Motherhood to spread the awesome news about their new Pick 2 menu.

You get to choose one of 4 half salads, (though I confess I kinda wished they offered the homestyle chicken salad, but whatever) and one of 7 other items.

So, I broadened my horizons (my husband calls me a creature of habit) and tried the apple pecan chicken salad. It came with this tasty pomegranate dressing. I didn't even know I liked pomegranate. I kinda do.

Because I am not a perfect person, I paired my salad with a Jr Bacon cheeseburger. Don't judge me, I could have ordered a frosty. :)

Best part, it's only $4.99. What a steal. Seems like nothing is $4.99 anymore.

Needless to say, I'll be back. And next time, I'll ask for no blue cheese (not my fav, but kudos to Wendy's for using quality ingredients in a fast food salad) and be a better person and not order the cheeseburger.


Probably not.

Let's be real, I like Wendy's cheeseburgers.

**I was compensated by Wendy's and The Motherhood, but all opinions are my own.**


Anonymous said...

That sounds good! I may have to hit up Wendy's here in the near future!

Denise said...

Good to see you at lunch! (And ditto on the blue cheese.)