Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Rules

I have "rules" for anyone that wants to come over to my house.

1. You are welcome at any time, but you have to accept the condition of my home without any snide remarks. (I am allowed to throw you out if you do)

2. You should try to bring some form of diet coke if you can.

3. If you follow rules 1 and 2, I will most likely bake you something.

4. You can stay as long as you want. If it's meal time, you can always stay and I will always feed you and/or your children.

5. There's nothing in my house your kid can break or destroy (Timmy's already done it)

6. What happens at Tenille's house, stays at Tenille's house.


Jenny said...

I like your rules. If I lived closer, I'd bring you Diet Coke right now.

tracytreehouse said...

i could follow those rules!

Samantha said...

Sounds Great!! When can I come!?!?

Tenille said...

All of you are always welcome. Sam, anytime. you know where I live.

Sassy Sites! said...

Can I come over in about 2 minutes to bring you something even better than Diet Coke... vinyl lettering! YES, vinyl IS better than Diet Coke... NOT! :)

Nick and Kayla Peterson said...

I love your house! Your fun and the food is wonderful!