Monday, December 13, 2010

A Day In The Life

I was talking with a friend yesterday about how people always have crappy comments like:
A. When I say I am super busy I hear, "What are you busy doing all day? Aren't your kids in school?"

B. When I say I go to the gym 3-5 days a week I hear, "I wish I could go to the gym, but I have too much to do. You have time for it in your schedule."

Normally, I tell these people to suck it. Instead, I am writing this answer to the ever popular question: What Do You Do All Day If You Don't Go To Work?

Today, I:
I woke up @ 6:15.
I fed, bathed, dressed and packed lunches for 2 boys.
I dressed myself and Aly and harrassed Scott as needed to get out the door on time.
I put Bryon on the bus @ 7:10.
I then packed up Aly and proceeded to drive Timmy to school because he refuses to ride the bus.
We stopped to get gas.
Then we went to Chase bank.
Followed by Desert Schools.
Then we hit the gym. This entails a warm up on the stair master, weight lifting, 45 minutes on the elliptical, and 12 minutes of walking backwards.
Then we were off to Office Max to make copies because we are reapplying for ALTCS for Timmy.
Walmart was next because we needed baby food and some baking supplies.
Next stop: the library. Return and check out.
HOME. Finally.
Put away groceries, balance check book and start some laundry.
Clean a bathroom, fold some laundry, start some more laundry.
Check mail and realize Social Security is trying to screw me AGAIN, and start pulling together paperwork so I can go down to their office. Good times. I'd rather have a root canal.
Call pediatricians office because we had an insurance change and they are trying to bill me instead of new insurance.
Get kids off bus, go thru backpacks, deal with paperwork, etc.
Snack time!
Diaper changes as needed.
At 2:45 pm, I finally got to take a shower. As soon as I started some more laundry and made the bed.
1 clean Tenille later, I got to wash dishes. yay.

It's 3:20 pm and I still have more laundry to do, dinner to make, I have to wrap presents for the boys gift exchange at school and make all necessary preparations because my boys have a field trip tomorrow which is probably easy for typical kids, but my kids are autistic.

My day will end around 11:30 pm and start all over again tomorrow at 6:15.

So the next time you wonder what exactly I do all day, shut up so I don't have to punch you in the face.


Jenny said...

Seriously! Being a mom IS more than a fulltime job. I think work would be an escape sometimes!

Sassy Sites! said...

hahaha!!! you said it perfectly! I love you Tenille!! xoxoxoxoxo!!!!!