Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The First 30 Seconds

Within 30 seconds of my boys being in my house after school, 2 things have happened:

1. Bryon is naked in the shower. (yes, yes I know, at least he's naked, he could be fully clothed. Shutty.)

2. Timmy has peed through is undies, shorts and usually his t-shirt. Weird, I know. The kid can pee.

Here's the problem with this. All freaking day my sweet Timmy will pee in the potty at school. He will go when asked to and will even initiate going on his own.

Now, I'm not new the world of "my kids will do almost anything for almost anyone except me," but this one is KILLING me.

Not that I mind changing his diaper. I really don't. I have accepted that as part of my life. No biggie.

I do mind the extra laundry and all the extra mopping that I have to do because of this. He won't even wait long enough for me to put him into a diaper.

I might be a little faster if I wasn't in my bathroom making sure that Bryon closed the curtain all the way and isn't flooding my bathroom. Like he usually does.

Stupid divide and conquer...