Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Walk Away

I had to drop Timmy off at school yesterday because we were having a day. (Ok, HE was having a day)

I literally dragged him in and out of the car and carried him to the playground. Not easy with a 52 pound six year old.

When I finally put him down, he proceeded to kick off his shoes and run away from me. (This is the real reason I spend so many hours in the gym. The health thing is an added bonus. I really just need to catch Timmy.)

I had to wrestle him to the ground which is always fun in public. Yes, hello gawkers, nothing to see here, keep walking, you're not helping the situation.

I had one of the aides help me but she didn't have much success either. I kept putting his shoes on, he kept taking them off.

I tried to reason with him. I tried to bribe him. I even tried to negotiate with him. It was a no-go.

Finally, the teacher told Timmy that mom was leaving. I looked at her like she was crazy. She said I just needed to walk away.

I looked back once to see her continue to struggle with my child.

As I drove past, I saw that he was still throwing his fit.

How do you walk away from that? Shouldn't I be there to handle my kid? There's nothing worse than knowing that you are not helping the situation and that you need to walk away.

He's my kid. Shouldn't I know what to do? Shouldn't I be the one that knows exactly how to fix the difficult situations?

I feel a little useless sometimes.

I also feel like I need to get a really big gift for these teachers.


Skousen Seven said...

Sometimes as moms we do just have to walk away. I know in Primary, we ask the parents to walk away. Most of the time the child settles down and is fine the rest of the time.
Hang in there, you are a great mom!!!!