Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kinda Funny, But Kinda Not

Girls like to gossip. It's what we do.

So, inevitably, when we get together, we talk about each other. Shut up, you know you do it.

I usually find it funny when a conversation goes something like this...

"I hate when she complains about her life/kids. I mean really, what does she really have to complain about? I would take her kids/life any day. I'd probably trade lives with anybody. Well, except maybe Tenille..."

I am not even kidding.

Now, I do not want you to think I am saying anything bad, because I adore this person and I know it was't said maliciously. Also, she is not the 1st person to say this, just the most recent.

I get it. My kids are hard. They are. I am very aware of it since I spend all day every day with them. But with that being said, allow me to bitch for a moment.

I don't get a lot of back up and support because my kids are "so hard."

Um, wouldn't you think that this means I need help MORE than the average person?

Yes, they are hard. Really hard. To the point that I dissolve into a puddle of tears every day and I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown/panic attack every damn day.

So please keep in mind that if you want to bitch and moan about the way I am raising my children, I get to smack you and possibly run you over with my car if you want to offer opinions and no help.

That is all.

**Wow, I did not intend for this post to be mean. Oh well. Caroline will screen you if you try to say anything nasty. Then she'll tell me who I need to run over with my car. Or maybe HER car since she is so dang good at running people.**


NiceNest said...

YOU amaze me. I think of you all the time. Well, at least several times a day. If anyone deserves a break, something really great or just a peaceful moment, it's YOU.

If you ever want to talk,or cry with me, feel free to call me. I'm in bed a lot, which means that I can talk on the phone a lot. :)

Sassy Sites! said...

I think you are an absolutely FABULOUS mother!! Every time I walk into the primary room and Bryon yells MY name, I feel so loved. You teach them HOW to love! The way that you love them, is the way they love others!! :)

ps. I told Scott that I wouldn't want to trade lives with you, because you are married to HIM!! hahaha!!!

ps#2... HI CAROLINE!!! I know you screen all of Tenille's comments, so thought it was only fair to say HI to you too and to tell you that I miss seeing your face!! xoxo!!!

Tenille said...

Marni, your comment was hilarious. I cracks me up every time someone says it. and yes, being married to Scott is half the battle most days. :)