Monday, July 18, 2011

Bry Bry Turns 8 (I know, I'm shocked, too)

If you forget what my Bryon looks like, you can look:

Here or Here

So, let me just tell you about the fantastic little Bryon.

BryBry is going into 3rd grade. Unbelieveable.

He LOVES pipecleaners.

And pudding.

And his new iPad. (Thanks Sara)

He loves to snuggle.

And he'll pull up his shirt so you can give him a "tickle, tickle"

He loves school. And primary. And his parents.

Though he is not a very big fan of the noise his siblings make.

He isn't chewing solid food yet. And he's not completely potty trained.

But I don't really care.

Because, to me, he is perfect.

Happy Birthday, Bryon.


Dollygrandma said...

You have a great oldest son, and you are doing wonderful things with him. I don't know anyone who doesn't love Bryon. Love to you and your whole family ~

~ Aunt Jeanette

Dawna Greer said...

Sweet post!