Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Timmy has issues. Most autistic kids do. I try to let him be himself unless/until someone else gets hurt. He can get mean (my sister has nicknamed him 'angry bird' because he's cute and mean) and when he gets mean, there's trouble.

We always say that Timmy's fine until he isn't.

Here's the dilemma. He has buttons, and Aly knows every one of them. Not only that, she likes to push them. All. The. Time.

My life is a never ending circle of timing time outs.

It's difficult to explain that while yes, she did get hurt in the end, she is still getting punished because she "started it". Ane believe me, she starts it.

The moment I get Tim calmed down, she starts again. My poor boy get so hysterical it's like he can't even see me for his rage/hyteria/determination to get her.

It's almost as if he shouldn't get time out because he can't help his reactions, but I kinda have to because he does ultimately hurt her.

I feel like I'm on a violent merry go round that won't ever end.

I would like to get off now, please.