Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All In A Day. Or In My Case, An Hour And A Half

Timmy was in rare form today. His mood had improved since I wrestled him onto the bus this morning, so all was now well.

I tolerated him throwing ice down my shirt because he thought the sound I made was funny. I'm a pretty tolerant mom when I need to be.

And then I saw this...

He said he was "a cute puppy". (I blame Blue's Clues)

I said it was a huge waste of my mascara.

Anyway... apparently taking his picture caused him a great deal of distress. As I was consoling him because he was so distraught, Aly decided to get in on the hug.

I tried to move away so he wouldn't kick her in his agitation, but I was too late.

She started to scream and I pulled this out of Tim's hand.

Now, it might not look like a lot, but she has really light hair. And really, does it matter HOW MUCH hair your brother has just pulled out of your head?

Mr. Raccoon went to time out and Aly continued to cry through her snuggle.

I asked her if she was ok and she clearly decided to press the advantage of her recent injury.

"No, I just wanna watch 'Rockadoodle'."

I could not contain my laughter. Thankfully, my laugh is contagious and Aly was soon laughing as well.

Needless to say, we are watching "Rockadoodle". Much to my chagrin.


Caroline said...

Oh my life, I LOVE Rockadoodle.