Monday, December 9, 2013


Ah the elusive "someday".

Someday, Bryon won't poop in the bathtub.
Someday, Bryon won't splash all the water out of the tub. Especially when it's poop water.
Someday, my kids will say please without prompts.
Someday, my kids will sleep through the night.
Someday, Timothy will find a new obsession and I won't have to hear about the characters form "inanimate insanity" and their "tiny loser chamber". (I hope this someday comes soon because I am about to gouge my eyes out.)
Someday, my kids won't have a panic attack because I cut their grilled cheese the wrong direction. (Have you ever stood over a grilled cheese sandwich and panicked because you are trying to remember if there is mustard on it because if there's mustard it's Timothy's and he likes 4 triangles, not squares and if there is no mustard, it's for Alyson and if you do anything but cut it straight down the middle, the sounds that come out of her mouth rival those of the torture chambers in Medieval England?)
Someday, I won't feel like a short order cook. (apparently, the world will end if my children eat the same thing at the same time.)
Someday, Alyson won't wear every item in her closet every day. Seriously, every day.
Someday, my kids won't use every single dish in my home. No matter how many spoons I buy.

Until that elusive "someday", I have a bathtub to scrub, a floor to mop, dishes to wash, and laundry to rotate so I can do it all again tomorrow.


Audrey Crisp said...

Oh dear! I'm so sorry!!

Erin Corona said...

You're the best, Tenille. I really wish you lived closer because I NEED you in my life! :)