Friday, February 21, 2014

An IEP Meeting In Which I Am Actually Offered Real, Honest to Goodness Help. Seriously. I'm Not Making This Up.

See that?? That is Bryon eating a diced peach fruit cup. They didn't chop it up, they just took the lid off and handed it to him with a spoon.

Here's the thing. Apparently, this happens ALL THE TIME. At school. Not at home.

In yesterday's IEP meeting, I was asked right off the bat how he was eating at home. My response, "same as always. He doesn't eat anything for me at home."

His sensory/life skills teacher was stunned speechless for only a moment and then said, "I'm coming to your house."

I kind of giggled and was like, yeah, sure, good idea. Whatevs.

On 6 more occasions in this meeting, I had 2 teachers, 1 therapist, and the director of the school tell me that Miss Christie would be coming to my home.

Apparently, Bryon can also wash dishes, vacuum, sweep, mop, make his bed, brush his own teeth and bathe himself appropriately. It was my turn to be stunned speechless.

You know what else they said? They're gonna make me a chore chart. I never thought I would get a chore chart. My kids are going to start helping me clean my house.

Because!! I feel guilty when I feel overwhelmed and inadequate while trying to do it all. And according to a team of professionals, I'm not supposed to be doing it all.


Carol Crisp said...

Wow, Tenille, good to know that this school is making a difference! A chore chart sounds vaguely familiar!