Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brotherly Love

My boys go to the same private autism academy. They are in completely different classes and don't really see each other much during the day.

Bryon has a little sticker chart on his desk. When he does his work and shows good behavior, he earns a sticker. When he earns 5 stickers, he receives a prize.

His prize??

A trip to Timothy's classroom.

This trip is maybe less than a minute long. Bryon walks across the hall and gives Timothy a hug, they exchange a few pleasantries, Timothy goes back to his work and Bryon returns to his classroom.

When Bryon is having an especially bad day, Timothy is brought to him to give him love and reassurance.

The public schools do not allow siblings to be in the same class. So, when Timothy finished Kindergarten and the boys would have overlapped by a year in the same classroom (classes tend to be 1-3 in the public schools), Timothy was sent away to a completely different school.

Maybe they should take note of how much brothers can help each other instead of focusing on how they might be disruptive or distracting to one another.

Thankful that my boys love each other.


Caroline Bingham said...

Siblings, especially ones close in age, need to see each other at school. They're a TEAM, dagnabit.