Monday, August 18, 2008

It Used To Be Cute, But I'm Not Laughing Anymore

My 18 month old daughter loves purses. Mine in particular, but any will do in a pinch. I cannot count how many purses I have given to or purchased for her recently. Apparently her purses are not as good as mine because they have no checkbook or credit cards. I am in trouble when she grows up! Most of the time she dumps it out and I am able to pick everything up before she spreads it too far. This morning, I grabbed my wallet out of my purse with the intent to pay my bills. First, I noticed that the paper that I have written all my usernames and passwords on is missing. A serious problem because I have not been using them long enough to remember them as well as the fact that someone else could find it if it was simply tossed out. Problem number two is that I cannot find a check that I need to deposit. I searched every pocket of my wallet and my purse (and there are a LOT!) and no check or paper is anywhere to be found. I am also missing my checkbook registry which I usually find helpful for obvious reasons. I am now missing 2 months worth of transactions. So, I am forging ahead with my bill paying hoping that nothing pops up out of the blue.

I can forgive the lost gum, occasionally missing keys, and even the loss of my sunglasses(a few that I have really loved). But this time she has gone too far!! The problem is that when she is bad, she looks at me with that smile on her face, adds a few shoulder shrugs and a head tilt, and I am laughing so hard that she knows she has gotten away with it.

I may need to enlist the services of Aunt Tiffy in the discipline department!
Who is raising this child???


Bloggin It said...

Oh, Aunt Tiffy is always good for a spank! I tell ya, every kid needs one from time to time! hahhahaha NAUGHTY GIRL! You better find my CHECK! hahaha

Stuart and Jacqui Avery said...

Awww shoulder shrug and head tilt...I love it! I'm such a sucker too!