Tuesday, September 30, 2008

He Takes the Cake

I always seem to be complaining about Alyson and rightly so. While she is very devious and seems to premeditate everything she does (like locking me out yesterday when I took Bryon out to the bus) Timmy seems to be a trouble magnet.

You see, apparently when I say "Timmy, no. It's hot." he seems to think "Really? Are you sure? Maybe I will just test it.... AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! That's hot!"

This experiment resulted in a fairly bad blister on his hand. While popping said blister, I was thinking of all the many times I have had to remove something from under his skin. Our most recent icky moment was a spider bite that was infected on his leg. We didn't have insurance at the time(we get it tomorrow, so let's hope everyone stays in one piece until then), so Scott and I had to handle it ourselves. It was one of those situations where you barely touch the surrounding skin and you suddenly have a handful of goo. Yeah, it was gross. I cannot actually recall the number of times we have had to pin him down to remove something. Yay parenthood!

Maybe there would be fewer icky moments if he wasn't as clumsy as his mamma. He is always running into something and causing bumps, bruises and bloody lips. Sorry son, I blame myself.

I know he has caused me some grief because he has diaplayed his "artistic talent" in various mediums (i.e. lipstick, sharpie, eyeshadow etc.) on various canvases (i.e. carpet, tile, walls, Bryon's shoes, etc.) but he doesn't seem to do it for malicious purposes(unlike his sister.) However, if I total up the time I spend cleaning up after Timmy compared to Aly, I have to say Timmy takes the cake. Which he often does. Seriously, everytime I bake a cake he finds some way to eat or mangle 90% of it. But, I love him and he looks an awful lot like me so maybe this is my payback for being a less than perfect daughter.

Oh, and a side note, my dog tried to eat my neighbor's chicken this morning. So I have that going for me, too. Now, I get to go wash the towels I used to clean up the flood from last night. Courtesy of Aly. C'est la vie.


Stuart and Jacqui Avery said...

Ahhhh that's hilarious! Aly locked you out! Man she is something else!I can just imagine her from the window behind the locked door...smile, shoulder shrug, head tilt! I wouldnt even be suprised to see a wink as she laughed and walked away! Ha-ha!