Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Short Rant Followed By A Public Plea

First, the short rant.

I had to drive my kids to school today. Not a huge deal, except that I first had to walk around the block to get to my car because they repaved my street today. While it is not the end of the world, it was unexpected and I will be glad when bus service is restored.

I was able to bake today for the first time in quite a while, but it really only reminded me that I wasn't able to bake because the evil one threw away my beater.

I will not get started on her because I titled this as "short". She is evil and devious and we will leave it at that.

The music therapist called to cancel... 5 minutes after the appointment was supposed to END. GRRRRRR. I had a very sad boy that really wanted his music time. Did I mention he has Autism and really needs to adhere to schedules???

To top it all off, I stepped in dog poop. Yep. I found it rather fitting. I guess mommy is in charge of picking up after the pet. I already wipe 4 of the 5 butts in my house. Now I have to clean up after the dog??? Do you think she will wear a diaper?

So, after a craptastic day, I decided to indulge myself by getting my hair cut. Not the best idea apparently. I brought in 4 pictures of what my hair is supposed to look like. 4!!! My hair looks nothing like the pictures. Sadly, there is not enough of it left to really do anything about it so it looks like I am stuck with it for a while. I know that everyone cannot be as good as HER, but could they be at least a little good? Maybe? For me?

Onto the public plea.....

Please come back. Please? Just for a little while. Christmas? Thanksgiving? Festivus? I will be ever so good if you will just come back. I am sad and lonely and my hair looks awful. Not to mention my eyebrows. Please? I will buy the plane ticket. I will come to you. Whatever. Please.

I miss you.


the MomBabe said...

Aww, I miss you too. sniff. sniff. I'm sorry you have fugly hair. At least the color's still good? maybe?

Tenille said...

not so much. I may have to have another go at it because the cut is so off. we'll see. maybe I will dye it black.

Elizabeth said...

How about a hug? I can't fix your hair, or a crummy day that messes up your kids, but I can send some love, can't I?

Tenille said...

I'll take it. Thanks Elizabeth.