Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bangs, or no bangs?

Here's my predicament. This is what my daughter's hair looks like if I do nothing to it or if she pulls out her ponytails.
As you can see, it is at that awkward stage where she doesn't exactly have "bangs" per se, but it certainly isn't long enough to pull into the pigtails. So, do I resign myself to making actual "bangs", or do I suck it up and pin it back as best I can until it grows long enough to make it into the ever popular piggy tail??


Shannon said...

Same thing happened to me with Em. I let it grow out all one length. It was a mess for a while, but made it exponentially easier in the long run. Alas, it's still a mess and she pulls the pony tails and barettes out within an hour. I feel your pain.

Stuart and Jacqui Avery said...

I say grow it. But I await Carolines response...she is the expert!

Dawna Greer said...

I think she looks adorable just the way she is--besides it seems very stylish and definitely easier than ponytails and barrettes.