Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Potty Training

Dear Bryon,

You are not technically potty trained if you take off your undies and pee in the middle of your bedroom, the playroom, or your sisters room.

Potty training means you use the "potty."

I'm just saying.

Love, Mommy


savery711 said...

But he's so proud of himself for at least keeping his undies dry.

greta said...

man oh man. potty training is THE WORST IN MOMMYHOOD. i can deal with anything else. just please don't make me clean up poo and pee up off the carpet, or the floor, or the stairs or the....

Mark and Jessica said...

I am so glad that stage is over for me - I am not a nice mommy when trying to potty train. There is nothing I hate more than having my hands smell like that no matter how many times I wash them and I always took it out on my kids because they "made" me do clean up.

Good luck!