Sunday, May 31, 2009

Round Two

Most of you know that Bryon is officially diagnosed as severely autistic.

We had considered having Timmy tested at the time, but he had been showing signs of improvement and we decided not to spend the $465. (expensive, yes?)

For a long time he seemed fine. Then...

Two months ago or so Timmy hit a downward spiral. He is no longer a sweet, managable kid, but a violent maniac that I am certain is auditioning for the show "When Animals Attack" or something. He is now showing classic signs of autism and all the other signs that he had been showing previously.

So, we are on to round 2 of paperwork, expensive Dr appts, and meetings with people from the state, school, and various other service providers.

As if I didn't have enough on my plate.


Please don't feel sorry for me because I am not sad that Timmy is probably autistic (we will find out for sure on 7/1). I am not sad, merely frustrated. I already feel inadequate to care for one special needs child, I am certainly not qualified to handle 2.

I am sure it will all work out in the end, but it's not a fun process. Hopefully we will gain some speech therapy and some additional Respite/habilitaion hours for him.

Fingers crossed.


greta said...

good luck. dr. appointments and paperwork sucks hard. i know that this is NOTHING compared to what you are probably going through but we are having to make phone calls, fill out paper work for aubrey. it seems my sweet spirit of a child has become possessed with a devil. seems she is showing classic signs of adhd. just great, eh? now i know at least we can treat it with medication if necessary but i have a small understanding of the frustration and feelings of inadequacy. i just want to help and i feel like most of the time i make it worse. good luck with everything tenille. for what's it's worth i think you are a great mom!

Bloggin It said...

Tenille - You need to give yourself more credit! I watch you love your babies..and that is first and foremost what they need! You are a very sweet and patient mom to those kiddos and they are lucky to have you! Best of luck, you know we're here to help as needed! (although, that headbutt to the face wasn't super fun on Saturday! hahaha)

Mark and Jessica said...

My heart goes out to you. I hate the whole dr. thing and even worse the idea that you're spending all that money and there may be nothing "wrong"

I always question if I'm making the right choices in all the medical tests and things I put my kids through, but we do the best we can.

You're doing good and you have more patience than me. Hang in there and I'll cross my fingers too.