Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take 4 1/2

What does an EEG look like??

This. :)

There are about 50 probes covering his head and chest.

I sent along a milk cup to keep him calm. It worked.

They wrap you up in gauze so the probes don't fall off.

Then they flash a strobe light in your face to simulate the brains activity when you have a seizure. Thankfully, he did not seize.

This test COULD NOT have gone better.

They got everything they needed and he was completely cooperative.

He even fell asleep.

My kid is a freaking champ.


Linsey said...

Awesome!!! I am glad he did so well for it!!

Jacqui and Stuart Avery said...

Such a good little TT! I love the pictures, especially the first one! Even a little smile sneeking out!

MomBabe said...

I wish I was around the corner from you right now.