Friday, June 11, 2010

Meet My Bryon

This is Bryon.

I love all my kids, but Bryon is, without question, the sweetest and most affectionate.

If you have never met him, I highly suggest you take a few minutes to do so. 5 minutes with this boy can drastically change your life.

He likes the Backyardigans. And Blue's Clues.

He LOVES to sing. He was voted best singer in his first grade class.

He likes pipe cleaners. The sparkly ones, not the fuzzy ones. There's a difference.

He likes to play outside so he can swing. And jump on the trampoline. And climb my fence into the neighbors yards, but that is another blog post all together.

He has the ability to squeeze himself into the tightest space so he can snuggle in and hopefully get a tickle. He love, love, loves tickles. He will sit there for hours and get his back tickled. If you are willing to tickle him, he will be your best friend for life.

Bryon has been diagnosed as severely autistic.

Do not ask me if my child is autistic. My answer is simple and always the same.

"No, he's Bryon."


Holly said...


I want you to meet my friend who's son has epilepsy or something related to it:
and my daughter who's son has neonatal adrenaleukadystrophy:

I KNOW these are NOT related... I think sometimes it's nice to have other mom's that can relate to some special needs children occurrences.

If you'd follow them once in a while, I know they just LOVE YOU!!

Oh yeah... ME, TOO!! (((HUGS))) ;D

Judi said...

He is beautiful Tenille!
I seriously hope that I do get to meet him IRL someday!
and pipe cleaners ARE fun to play with now matter how old you are!!

Maxine Conrad said...

I am so blessed to have met Bryon. Truly 5 minutes is all it takes (actually less) to make a friend for life! Love him so much xx

Melissa Bastow said...

What a cutey (except for the climbing over fences thing...that would just drive me crazy.) I would be more than willing to tickle his back. My kids never let me do that. We're more into body slamming and squeezes here.

"The sparkly ones, not the fuzzy ones. There's a difference." I can so much relate to this. Not about pipe cleaners. But lots of other things.

Anonymous said...

I do miss hearing him sing in Primary. He was in the class behind me when I had Timmy. You have such amazing children

But of course... you already know that :)

tracystreehouse said...

i love him already.

tracystreehouse said...

i love him already

Monica said...

Your last two sentences gave me goosebumps.

I am really enjoying the intros to your family.