Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Purse

Yes, yes. I am actually writing a post about my purse.

Here's the thing. Remember that little conference I went to called CBC10? Well, my super awesome best friend let me have a bag that was donated by Handbag Heaven.

I am in love. This thing is enormous. I can fit all my diapers, pipe cleaners, books, and other random crap that you need as a mom. It is delightful.

I have been getting a lot of questions and compliments on it, so here's where to find my bag.

Click here. Yes, right here. This will take you to my bag. Seriously. Try it.


Judi said...

Ohhhh, very swanky bag! Looks like it coould be Jimmy's twin!

Tenille said...

I get that a lot. sadly, Jimmy had to go home where he belongs. we made some great memories though. :)

Momnerd said...

No. Freaking. Fair. You have me to thank for that beauty you know....;)

Tenille said...

Thank you MomNerd! I love it!