Friday, June 18, 2010

Why I Hate Jenny McCarthy

Here's the thing. I don't really "hate" her hate her...

I appreciate everything she has done for bringing awareness to autism. That's great. It was necessary.


At this stage of the game, I feel like she is just pushing her own agenda. She has decided that she knows what causes autism and how to "cure" it.

Here's an FYI. Autism is NOT a gut disorder. If a special diet can "cure" autism, then you didn't actually have autism. You have an allergy.

I wish I could say I knew what caused autism, but I can't. Because nobody knows. Do you have any idea how many different theories there are regarding the causes of autism?

To my understanding, autism is a neurological disorder.

If it was a gut issue, then all children would be "cured" by this diet.

Well, what do you do when said diet is not effective for your 2, count them 2, autistic children?

People think it might be caused by an over abundance of metals in the body. (The whole autism is caused by vaccines theory, which for the record, I don't buy into) Well, sorry. Not an issue here.

Researchers think there is a genetic defect with a particular chromosome. What about those kids whose genetic testing came back 100% clear?

What about those kids who were born autistic? Nobody ever mentions them. It's all about triggers and blame.

My children were born this way. My Bryon has never looked me in the eye. (eye contact is so overrated in the Avery household)

Where is my advocate? Who is there for my children? Who will speak for the children who have zero medical causes for their autism?

I wish she could be an advocate for ALL autistic children instead of crusading for only one side.


Cluttered Brain said...

This is so informative! I don't have any autistic children but I think just by blogging about Autism you have made other people aware about Autism.
I had thought it was somewhat strange that a diet cured her kid's autism.

You keep blogging about Autism. Someone will listen.

Great awareness post!

Melissa Bastow said...

Hear hear.

I hate how people constantly try to blame developmental disorders on something. Although on some of my more frustrated days I just want to scream, "What's wrong with you!!!" And have someone tell me exactly what causes my kids' developmental challenges. Even though, deep down, I know that they are how they're supposed to be, cause or no.

(And I'm pretty sure if I used Jenny McCarthy's diet my kids wouldn't all be magically transformed into "typical" children, even if she is a celebrity.)

The Merrills said...

All true...