Thursday, July 8, 2010

Confessions of an Addict

I have what you would call an addictive personality.

When I was a smoker, it was a pack a day. No less.

I always jump in with both feet.

I no longer smoke or drink or abuse drugs (illegal or prescription), and I am trying to lose weight, so food is out.

I found another addiction.

You wouldn't think that books could be an addiction, or even a bad one. What's so wrong with reading?

Well, as much as I love Barnes and Noble, they aren't cheap.

These aren't even all of them. I have given away 100+ and my sister is currently borrowing a bunch.

Do the math. At a minimum of $8.00 a paperback, that's a lot of money.

I always claimed that I was low maintenance and that I didn't make any demands of my husband. He reminded me of the "library" in my laundry room.

Brokeness has helped some, but now I am a library junkie.

I spend time in B&N and online at looking for books to get from the library. I am constantly there returning, checking out, or looking for new books.

Then I spend all my time reading.

Not a big deal until you realize that I have 3 children and I read a novel each day.



Judi said...

You should see MY books!
I get alot of mine from Amazon used. for like pennies! literally! I should send you some of my fave book club titles!

The Merrills said...

I like to read books too...