Friday, July 9, 2010

My New Life/I Swear I'm Not a Bad Mom

In 5 short weeks, I will have 2 kids in school all day. Bryon will head to 2nd grade and Timmy will start all day kindergarten.

Miss Aly will continue preschool 3 mornings a week, just at a different school that's further away which means a longer bus ride. (hello run on sentence)

This means that 3 days a week for about 3 1/2 hours, I will have ZERO children in my house.

I swear I am not a bad mom. I will, of course, be sad to see my Timmy gone all day. I will, of course, miss him.


I am not the anal, structure happy mother that my kids seem to require. I am more of a roll with the punches, last minute decision kind of girl.

Don't get me wrong. I like my lists. I like plans. I just can't plan my day in 15 minute increments.

Timmy is going to blossom and thrive in all day kindergarten. I can't bring myself to cry about this. I'm not sad. He needs it. He will love the structure provided. He craves that kind of stuff.

Bryon has done well in all day school for the last 2 years, and I know he prefers school to hanging out at home all day.

Aly went to preschool for half of last year. She loves it, and it's only a 2 1/2 hour program. Her speech has improved 100 times over from that one semester of school. I cannot wait to see what happens in a whole school year.

What will I do?

Well, 3 days a week I'll put miss Aly on her bus and go to the gym. I will run on my elliptical for a full, glorious hour. Then I will do some weight training.

When I get home, I will sweep and mop my floor in broad daylight. With no risk of someone walking through my dirt pile or running across a wet floor.

I will make beds and fold laundry without someone knocking over the clean piles.

I will load the dishwasher without someone sitting on the door.

I might even run errands alone.

Shocking, yes, I know.

The other 2 days, I will take Aly and exercise as long as she will allow me. Then maybe we can have a little girl time. Maybe take a nap together. That would be nice.

Don't expect me to tweet or change my Facebook status to reflect how sad I am for the first day of school.

I'm not.

And it doesn't make me a bad mom.


greta said...

i don't think that makes you a bad mom at all? who says that makes you a bad mom? i'm having a freaking party the first day of school where both my girls will go to school all. day. long.
oh, and i'm going to be giddy as hell when adam goes to preschool in march. holy cow, all my kids in school? no, i just. can't. wait!

Becky said...

Seriously? Why would that make you a bad mom?? It's all about progressing and not staying in one place. I will have 3 of 4 in school this year and can't wait! Only a little bit longer and I will have the whole flippin' house to myself! Whoo Hoo! Party! :) Have fun!

Jenny said...

I agree with Greta! Having some time away from your kids HELPS you to be a better mom. It gives you perspective and sanity. I'm glad for you really!