Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Rules of Naked

Apparently, there are rules about when it is appropriate to be naked.

My children were kind enough to inform me. They are also introducing me to the behaviors that they interpret as an invitation to nakedness.

Timmy was streaking this morning and so I offered him a tubby.

The other 2 heard the water running and ran up the hallway stripping.

Running water = naked. (They even do this when the kitchen faucet runs. You should see the looks of disappointment)

After the tub, I dried and dressed 3 little peeps.

Upon seeing the clothes, my children assumed that we were going somewhere. When I informed them that we were, in fact, not going anywhere, thay started to take their clothes off.

We are now dressed in just diapers and undies because, well, if we aren't going anywhere, we shouldn't have to wear pants. (who knew)

I have also recently learned that if Timmy goes to his room, whether for time out or bed, he perceives that as an invitation to strip down completely and allow himself to breathe.

Angry tantrums are also an appropriate time to be naked. I guess they don't want to get their clothes dirty while they roll around screaming and crying.

Basically, my kids think that clothes are overrated and thet unless we are going for a ride in the car, clothes are unnecassary.

They get it from their dad. I am a big fan of pants.


Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with your kids. Clothes are overrated lol. I'm sitting here in the living room in my "undies" right now hehe. I'll put on clothes later when I go to get groceries haha.

Mark and Jessica said...

These reasons your kids have all sound reasonable to me. noone here has gone completely naked in awhile but I still have one that goes commando all the time! I am a firm believer in wearing my pjs all day if i'm not going anywhere.

tracystreehouse said...

ohhhhmmmmyyyyyggggoooooddddnnneeeessssss!!! ROFL!! i love love love your stories!

MomBabe said...

Any time Taylor gets mad, she starts stripping. Even when we're at church. Which is why I like dresses that button in the back.