Friday, September 3, 2010

Stop. It's Not That Hard to Understand

I have special ed kids that ride a special ed bus. All school buses come with these handy little signs attached to them.

I don't care if you can't read, or are color blind, or whatever. You know what this sign means. It's not hard.

Because my kids are "special handling", my school bus pulls up to my house. It stops, the door opens, and the little stop sign pops out.

Now, when I see one, I, I don't know, stop. It's not rocket science.

I live in a cul-de-sac. There is one neighbor that is unaffected by my buses. The other 3 seem to think that this sign does not apply to them.

Have you met my kids? Have you seen them run haphazardly into the street in their excitement to get on the bus?

Do you get that my autistic kids to not understand that cars can do more than just offer a fun ride?

If the sign says stop, you stop. That's all. End of story. Did you know it's a law? Did you know that if a cop saw you do that you'd get pulled over?

Did you also know that if you ever hit one of my kids I will sue your pants off so fast your head would swim? Please don't delude yourself into thinking that I am a nice enough person to let that slide.

I'm not.

I think I need to move.


Anonymous said...

Just start throwing things at their cars. Like, say, eggs. And when they threaten to call the cops, say, "Great idea! I've been meaning to let them know how you consistently break the law by not stopping for my kids' bus."

Yeah, I'm an awesome neighbor.