Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas

Some of you know and tried to keep track of our secret Santa. In case you missed any, here's a recap...

Day 1: Some pears from the tree the partridge was in. fresh, canned, and some candy.

Day 2: My 2 turtle doves left turtles and dove. Dove body wash, Dove chocolate, and chocolate turtles.

Day 3: 3 French hens like French fries, french toast, and French Vanilla marshmallows.

Day 4: 4 calling birds called for a Pizza

Day 5: Assorted candy rings. Lifesavers, peach, and pineapple. (more than 5)

Day 6: 6 geese laid some eggs. Sausage, and hash browns made it breakfast.

Day 7: Swans were swimming in Bubble bath. (Even spiderman for the kids.)

Day 8: My 8 maids a milking brought us white milk, chocolate milk, and cookies.

Day 9: My 9 ladies danced to a rockin' Christmas cd.

Day 10: The 10 Lords couldn't leap because they were out dancing with the 9 ladies the night before. We got their canes. Candy canes, candy filled canes, etc. My kids were in heaven.

Day 11: 11 pipers were piping on hot chocolate. With marshmallows an doughnuts of course.

Day 12: 12 drummers drummed, making a joyful noise because the Savior was born. They left us a nativity and chose to remain anonymous.

Thanks, Santa.